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Marla Dawson

“I am fascinated with fiber. The yarn itself inspires me. I love the color and textures. I cannot wait to knit a lovely yarn into something that can be worn and enjoyed by someone else.”

While there are classes in school that we think we’ll never use. Marla Dawson has practiced one of her lessons almost daily for decades.

She was immediately captivated when an art teacher introduced her to knitting. “I loved it and continued knitting as a child wherever I could,” Marla said.

She earned money in college knitting for friends and had an apprenticeship in 1977 with a fiber artist in Iowa City. “I continued to design until I opened my own yarn shop in 1983 in Illinois,” said the Monroe County resident. “Passing the ability to knit and weave onto my students is a source of joy in my life. As I get older and cannot do as many shows and galleries, teaching has become even more important to me. It is something I hope to continue as long as I am able.”

When Marla moved to south central Indiana, she discovered weaving and spinning, which has become an intrinsic part of her scarves, shawls, and other pieces. The entire weaving process inspires her.

“Once I find a yarn that I love, I marvel at the process of producing quality, functional fabric,” she said. “I love to see customers wearing my designs.” She also enjoys working with individuals to create one-of-a-kind designs for them using unique yarns and colors.

Marla’s pieces are fashionable and functional, something she credits to her ability to work with the textures and colors of the fibers. “I seem to be able to bring out the best in the fibers I choose,” she said. “I only use high-quality yarn and fiber to spin my own yarns. I have a look to my colorways that has become recognizable.”

She wanted to be part of Indiana Artisan because she feels it’s important that Hoosier artisans have an organization to represent and promote them. Being an Indiana Artisan “has been very rewarding,” Marla added.

“I work hard at my craft and it is a major part of who I am. To have that recognized by such a group is important to me. I hope to be able to help Indiana Artisan as much as it has helped me.”