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“We want to share our fascination and love of nature that surrounds our home in the southern Indiana area,” Karen said. “We never tire of exploring the colors, patterns and textures that occur in nature. We see more in a leaf than just a leaf.”

(March 17, 2014) Karen and Larry Hampton are not the only couple to each have work that is part of the Indiana Artisan brand, but they are the only duo to have a 60-square-foot piece commissioned that combines their talents.  “Tranquility” is a 116” x 70” luminescent digital fiber art piece, commissioned by Evansville-based St. Mary’s Epworth Crossing, a new outpatient facility that opened in early February.

Larry, whose color pencil drawings juried into Indiana Artisan in 2011, uses his photographic skills in this combined effort that results in a fiber wall hanging created by Karen.  The couple combine and edit original photo images into abstract compositions inspired by nature. Karen’s sewing adds depth with the texture of the threads.

“We used nature’s own elements of water, rocks, leaves, trees, gardens and ponds with an emphasis on the water to produce a soothing tranquil mood,” Karen said of the piece that incorporates original photos digitally printed on satin polyester fabric and snow-dyed and shibori-dyed cotton and silk fabrics on a cotton batting, all quilted with silk thread.

“We want to share our fascination and love of nature that surrounds our home in the southern Indiana area,” Karen said.  “We never tire of exploring the colors, patterns and textures that occur in nature.  We see more in a leaf than just a leaf,” she continued.  “By extracting only the texture, patterns and shapes of ordinary trees and leaves, and changing the color, we have transformed the ordinary into a radiant changed reality.”

A peaceful, calming presence is the reality St. Mary’s Health wants its patients to experience at the Epworth Crossing outpatient center.  The Evansville Courier-Press reported that the facility’s Breast Center includes “advanced imaging technology, but also a cozy waiting area with a fireplace. The MRI machine is in a room with a large window that lets in natural light.  Simulated wood floors, an outdoor “healing garden” and an earth-toned color scheme also are part of the 44,000-square-foot facility.”

In the article, St. Mary’s Health COO Gwen Sandefur discussed the design, saying, “That’s all very intentional.  We wanted this facility to speak to Evansville. We wanted it to fit.” And Indiana Artisans and Evansville residents Karen and Larry Hampton’s nature-inspired work fits perfectly into the theme of tranquility and the focus on local craftsmanship and a feeling of home.