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In Brief: Art Application Guidelines

There was a fourth grade teacher who every year gave a quiz. At the top of the page was a blank for the student’s name. Below that blank were directions that read, “Put your name on this paper and bring it to my desk. Do not answer the questions below.”

The smartest student, to the surprise of nearly everyone, walked to the teacher’s desk nearly immediately and turned in the 20-question quiz. In the next minute, three other smart students did the same. Everyone else, as they worked through the questions, wondered why those students found the quiz so easy. Some realized something was up and went back to the top of the page to read the directions, and soon the teacher and the class had a good laugh about the importance of always beginning by reading the directions.

For nine years, as applicants around Indiana have completed the Indiana Artisan application, many have asked good questions and made good suggestions. As they have done that, we have updated the application guidelines to be increasingly helpful and to provide good advice. Before you begin the application, please read these application guidelines for art applicants. While they are not “directions,” they ARE designed to help you be successful.

Thank you for your interest in Indiana Artisan!