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Friends of Indiana Artisan
Scenes from the Friends of Indiana Artisan August visit to Indiana Artisan Tom Wintczak's Posey County redware pottery studio.

Scenes from the Friends of Indiana Artisan visit to Indiana Artisan Tom Wintczak’s Posey County redware pottery studio.


Friends of Indiana Artisan puts you in the studios, kitchens, workshops, wineries, and galleries of the Hoosiers recognized by the state as creators of the highest-quality art, fine craft, and one-of-a-kind foods and beverages coming from Indiana today.  Becoming a Friend of Indiana Artisan demonstrates how much you value the person and the story behind fine, hand-crafted work and how you embrace a culture of craftsmanship.

Through almost-monthly events held around the state, Friends of Indiana Artisan and their friends will develop a deeper appreciation of artisanal work, joining with the makers and cultivating relationships with artisans. Friends attend these events, as well as the annual Marketplace and Holiday Marketplace free of charge.




Experience an Artisan’s life
Imagine one of Indiana’s finest metalsmith jewelry designers welcoming you into her studio, sharing how she makes intricate pieces and demonstrating her techniques. Picture yourself in a small group, sipping wines and learning secrets of vinting award-winning varietals at a Hoosier winery. Think of the insight of standing at a painter’s side, watching as he brings life to an empty canvas, or taking in the texture and aroma of a chocolatier’s kitchen as simple ingredients become mouth-watering treats.

Those are a few of the scenes Friends experience at the Afternoons with an Artisan series. The experiences take you into an artisan’s life for a few remarkable hours.
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Join Friends of Indiana Artisan, and you will receive a copy of one of John Bower’s seven moving photography books. Page by page, you will discover a new way to envision Indiana’s unique heritage through the Bloomington photographer’s fine portraits of forlorn farmhouses, desolate commercial buildings, rusted vehicles, forgotten cemetery statues and more in silver-gelatin renderings.

In addition, your one-year Friend of Indiana Artisan membership provides:
• Free admission to the Indiana Artisan Marketplace,
     March 25 and 26, 2017, in Indianapolis.
• Free admission to the Indiana Artisan Holiday Marketplace – a great
     source for holiday gifts! – in Fort Wayne the weekend after
• Invitations to Indiana Artisan shows and events at galleries and
     museums around the state.
• Free admission to Afternoons with an Artisan.



Your contribution to helping Hoosier craftsmanship thrive
Become a Friend of Indiana Artisan and support the state’s finest artists and food producers. Help Indiana Artisan grow, and grow along with it as the businesses of Indiana’s highest-quality Artisans expand and increasingly define this state by its art, fine craft, foods, and drink.

One-year memberships
$45 for single members
$80 for dual members

Let’s be Friends! This quick registration form will receive a hearty welcome and a quick invitation to upcoming events.