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All Natural Goat's Milk Soaps
Rose Brown,
Daniels Creek Farm

When Rose Brown’s two year old son was diagnosed in 1999 with an allergy to cow’s milk, she began to give him goat’s milk. She was amazed at how well he tolerated and thrived on the goat’s milk and decided to get a few goats to keep him supplied with a steady fresh supply of it.

So, Rose and her husband John, who are 3rd generation farmers on the family’s Daniels’ Creek Farm in Amboy, Indiana, purchased two Saanen breed goats. Based partly on the recommendation of a friend, the Browns chose Saanens, often referred to as the “Queen of Dairy Goats”, because the breed is known for its consistent ability to produce large quantities of the finest quality milk.

As the herd began to grow to its current dozen goats, Rose had “more and more milk” so she started making goat’s milk ice cream and butter as well as incorporating the milk into her recipes, however she soon realized that “her family could only eat so much goat’s milk”. While looking through some family recipes one day, she came across her Grandmother’s recipe for goat’s milk soap and decided to try it. According to Rose, her first effort was not very successful. But she was determined to create a good soap and within three months of research, self-education, trial, and error, she came up with her own recipe which produced a long-lasting soap that lathered well. She then began experimenting with different fragrances and soon had a line of All Natural Goat’s Milk Soaps. While she says that she never dreamed she would ever be making soap as a business, she loves doing it. She enjoys the unique shape and scent of each bar of soap which she personally hand cuts and individually wraps. And she never tires of hearing how much her customers enjoy using them.

Rose currently sells her soaps at church and holiday bazaars in Peru, Indiana. When her cousin suggested entering them in the Indiana Artisan program, Rose initially ignored the recommendation. But her cousin persisted and Rose reluctantly agreed to “take a chance”. Extremely proud of receiving the Indiana Artisan designation, Rose is now looking forward to having the opportunity to develop her business skills by participating in the training classes being offered through the Program and has future plans to expand her retail sales territory within Indiana.