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10 Bread Varieties
Leigh Rowan,
Big Brick House Bakery

“If you can’t pronounce the word, it’s probably not in my bread.”

Like many young parents, Leigh Rowan began making bread to provide a healthy option for her family. When she learned her bread machine wasn’t providing the nutrients she really wanted for her kids, Leigh bought a stone mill on eBay to grind her own flour.

“So much of nutritional value evaporates through the processing and preservatives,” Leigh says. “There is a huge movement to do things the old fashioned way right now.”

As word of her delicious naturally ground, whole grain breads spread, friends and family began sending Leigh recipes to modify in order to accommodate the natural grains. Less than a year later, Leigh began selling her breads. She opened Big Brick House Bakery in the screened porch of her home in 2008.

“We literally live in the big brick house on the corner,” Leigh says of her 155-year-old home. Not only is the house home to her business, it also is a field trip location for local schools. Leigh talks about the history of her home to put school history lessons into context. Of course she also talks about eating healthy, and includes a sample of her breads.

Breads available in the bakery vary from day to day. Most days she stocks honey, whole and dark wheat, seven-grain, rye, dark pumpernickel, honey oatmeal and cinnamon swirl. The Bakery also offers Leigh’s homemade pies and rolls. She recently began offering whole grain bread mixes so mothers like her can make healthy bread at home.

Leigh hopes her participation in Indiana Artisan helps her connect with visitors to state parks and other tourist attractions in the area.