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Julie Bolejack,
Chocolate for the Spirit

“I am a relative newcomer, and the Indiana Artisan designation gives me the signal that I am on the right track in creating a great culinary experience for my customers.”

About three years ago, Julie Bolejack experienced something everyone wants: a vision telling her what she was meant to do with her life. For her, it was the culinary arts, and once she headed down that path, she hasn’t looked back.

Julie’s desire to become a chocolatier began on a trip to Arizona. “I can recall the exact spot at the Enchantment Resort where the idea came to me,” she said.

Part of her inspiration was the enjoyment that comes from chocolate’s palate-pleasing texture and rich taste. But Julie also found it simultaneously challenging and satisfying to combine science with art to create chocolate. “When combining it with other ingredients, one can create an unlimited number of confections,” she said.

Julie launched Chocolate for the Spirit in 2008 and already has a history of producing award-winning bon-bons, toffee, truffles, bark, bars and other delights the old-fashioned way — by hand, in small controlled batches. Ingredients are the best available locally or globally, from premium Swiss chocolate, fresh cream and sweet butter to fruit purees, exotic spices and fancy nuts.

Now a master chocolatier, Julie grows organic mint, lavender and other herbs and uses local ingredients where possible, such as honey and maple sugar.

“Our chocolates are fresh with no preservatives,” she said. “We use superior Swiss chocolate for all of our products. The base chocolate we use is recognized worldwide as some of the best available.” Julie’s chocolates are being recognized nationally with invitations to take them to the Emmy Awards, Chocolate: The Event sponsored by Disneyland, and the prestigious, International New York Chocolate Show.

Proud of her Hoosier heritage, through her involvement in Indiana Artisan, Julie hopes to help make the state a source for finest-quality chocolate creations.