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Sea Salt Pecan Chews
Jayne Hoadley,
J. Evelyn Confections

“The Indiana Artisan designation is a daily reminder of how we represent our product, our company and our state to others through our continued attention to the details needed to achieve excellence.”

As retail manager for 15 years, Jayne Hoadley loved to surprise her employees with her homemade chocolates. “More than a few times I would hear, ‘You are in the wrong business!'” Jayne said. Then, with the encouragement of friends and family, she struck out on her own and opened her artisan chocolate business J. Evelyn Confections in 2008. “I am definitely now in the right business,” she says.

Sharing her creations with people, and watching the pleased expressions on their faces, inspires and proves to her that candy making is what she was destined to do. But “candy” is too pedestrian a word for what Jayne creates, and “hotcakes” is completely wrong. She markets her handmade J. Evelyn Confections – truffles, caramels, toffee and assortment of other sweets – through online sales, and they go like hotcakes. An Indiana Artisan food jury panelist asked if he could take the box home after the panel sampled her work.

“It is my love, my passion and I am so very proud to introduce and share my locally based business with the Indianapolis community and beyond,” Jayne said.

Jayne’s artisan candies are designed to create a sense of nostalgia for the customer.

Each piece is hand scooped or hand cut and then dipped without an ounce of aid from machinery. “No two pieces are the same – just like grandma made,” Jayne said. “Much time and care goes into every batch we prepare.”