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Elizabeth Garber,
The Best Chocolate in Town

A “certified chocoholic” for as long as she can remember, Elizabeth Garber didn’t stray far from her passion when she was looking for way to make some Christmas spending money during her senior year in college.

The then art student, who loved to cook and bake, came home during her fall break and began experimenting with chocolate candy recipes from family cookbooks and her grandmother’s recipe box. Before long she had a few items that she knew were good enough to sell and recruited her parents to take orders for her while she returned to school. When she came home during the holiday break, she fulfilled the orders and received rave reviews from her customers. Her candy making venture was so successful that after graduation she decided to keep the seasonal business while she pursued a career in art gallery management and event catering. But after 3 years, she listened to her heart and, in 1998, chose to go into the chocolate making business fulltime.

For the first seven years Elizabeth ran her gourmet chocolate business primarily as a web-based wholesale and corporate gift operation eventually moving into a small storefront on Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis where she began selling her chocolates directly to the public along with gelato, baked goods, coffees, and teas. In September 2008, she expanded her shop’s square footage when the space next door to her became available. And although the operation has grown through the years, Elizabeth and her small staff still make every chocolate by hand focusing on superior product quality and customer satisfaction.

Known for her over 40 flavors of hand decorated truffles made of rich whipped chocolate infused with fresh ingredients, the chocolatier has never taken a cooking or candy making class in her life choosing instead to develop her recipes by plunging headlong into the process, reading and researching everything she could about making chocolates, and experimenting for endless hours in her kitchen.

Elizabeth’s husband and a personal friend encouraged her to enter the Indiana Artisan program. Thrilled at being selected, she says that the Indiana Artisan designation on her products validates her as a local producer and challenges her and her team to work hard every day to produce products that are worthy of that recognition.