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Donna and Dan Adams,
Winzerwald Winery

“We celebrate our own heritage with our wine. Indiana Artisan celebrates the talents and heritage of Indiana so we thought it was a perfect match.”

Donna Adams and her husband, Dan, honor their ancestors every day at Winzerwald Winery (German for “vintner of the forest”). Located on the edge of the Hoosier National Forest along Interstate 64 in Perry County, Winzerwald specializes in German and Swiss style wines.

Donna and Dan produce 30,000 bottles each year. Every year they come up with new wines, but a 1998 bottle was the one that really launched their careers. A blush wine made from grapes off a vine brought to America by Dan’s ancestors won the Adams a Best Indiana and Best National Amateur wine awards at the Indy International competition.

“The vine was always in our yard. Our family has made wine and jelly from its grapes,” Donna says. “It wasn’t until we won the awards that Grandmas told us the story of the vine. It is five generations old; a true family heirloom.”

The Adams release about 200 bottles of their Heirloom wine each year, which sells out in a couple of months. They also grow four other varietals on their farm and use grapes from across Indiana, Michigan and Washington State for their other wines.

Winzerwald Winery already promotes local artists and Donna is excited to get connected to other food providers through the Indiana Artisan program. “All the wineries are looking for food, cheese and other things. This program will really help us find them.”

After seven years in the business, Donna and Dan have plans to expand the winery and open a new location. “We are expanding the tasting counter, expanding production. There is a lot in the works.”