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Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick, 240Sweet

“Being an Indiana Artisan has legitimized my craft to many who didn’t understand that marshmallows could be something more than mass-produced puffs from the grocery store. It is an honor I take very seriously.”

When she was six, Alexa Lemley began a baking career with her parents’ catering business that culminated in her being named executive chef at Lemley Catering. In that role, she began making marshmallows as gifts for her clients, experimenting with flavor in the process – using chocolate, fruits and other ingredients she enjoyed to spice up the confections. Requests for the marshmallows began rolling in, and the treats took on a life of their own when Alexa opened 240Sweet with her business and life partner Samantha Aulick three years ago.

In that time, Alexa has expanded her flavor experiments. As a Hoosier, she likes using flavors native to the Midwest and adding international elements. “I’m inspired by the novelty of new and unexpected flavor combinations to excite my customers,” she says. “I’m always thinking of new possibilities—from foods I enjoy, from seasonal offerings and from my imagination.” Her favorite candies are those with layers of flavor like Thai Chili marshmallows that first taste sweet, then tangy, then spicy. “I like giving people that unexpected experience from candy,” Alexa says.

Alexa says of her ingredients, “I believe people should indulge in food, not chemicals, so I craft my treats with local, all-natural and organic ingredients.” Her marshmallows are free of preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

Indiana Artisan already has opened new doors for Alexa and 240Sweet. Because of her participation, she was chosen as an Artist in Residence at the Indiana State Museum, which led to media coverage of her marshmallows and catering business. The Indiana State Museum, Hubbard and Cravens and other retailers now are carrying her confections.