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Woodturned art
Kellar Mahaney Gallery, Sugar Creek Arts Center, Susie Gibbs Framing and Art Gallery, Tims Turnery on and at the Covered Bridge Festival
Tim Kennedy

“Becoming an Indiana Artisan means that I have achieved a high level of proficiency in the craft of woodturning as recognized by my peers. Now I represent Indiana with the best skill and creativity I have to offer.”

While Tim Kennedy was looking for projects to do with his then 11 year old son, he discovered woodturned art. An unknown passion was found and Tim was hooked.

“Woodturning allows me to chase after free forms with wonderful curves. This is very liberating,” he said. “Sometimes it’s a shape in nature; sometimes it is something I see in the corner of my eye and my subconscious interprets it into something new and knocks me over with one of those ‘What If’ moments.”

Tim has continued to refine his talent since that day in 2003. Most of his functional and decorative pieces are made from Indiana hardwoods, such as Black Cherry, Black Walnut and Osage Orange. His art supplies come almost solely from trees that have fallen or have been removed.

Tim continually finds new ways to be creative by trying new and different things. “I find little pleasure in duplicating what somebody else has already done,” he said. “And that pushes me to do things in my own style.”

Tim is honored to be an Indiana Artisan and hopes the designation will promote his work and enable him to become a larger part of the Indiana art community.