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Peggy Breidenbach

“Each creation is a singular expression, or poem if you will, through which I hope to express a sense of calmness, wonder and simplicity.”

While in her garden or woods, Peggy Breidenbach finds models for the awe-inspiring art she creates in her clay studio. “My ceramic forms and glaze palette are very much informed by the natural world,” she says. “I draw inspiration from nature—in particular plants, flowers and seeds. The beauty of the plant world continually inspires me. At every state—the burgeoning of a seedling, the setting of the bud and the unfurling of the flower, the ripening and dispersal of the seed—I find inspiration for my work.”

With degrees in economics and public policy, and a background in the non-profit sector, Peggy ventured into art in 1992, taking a ceramics class to unwind from her work as an at-home mother. Hooked on clay, she then studied the craft for 10 years at the Indianapolis Art Center, The Clay House, UCLA, and workshops led by other ceramic artists. She has been selling her work and teaching at the Indianapolis Art Center since 2003.

Clay captivates Peggy because of its potential, its characteristics and its history. “Clay as a medium presents almost unlimited possibilities as far as techniques, forms and finishes,” she says. “Its properties of elasticity when wet and durability when fired are just incredible. Also, when you consider that it originates from the earth and its role in history, civilization and culture, it’s easy to become enamored with the medium and to feel very connected to it when you’re working in it.” She claims she will never tire of the medium because it presents her so many opportunities for learning and evolution.

Having her work accepted into Indiana Artisan has given Peggy validation and affirmation of the direction she has taken her life. “I am eager to take my art to ‘the next level’ and am excited about the opportunities that being an Indiana Artisan will afford me,” she says.