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Oil and pastel
Galleries, studio
Mary Ann Davis

“Indiana has such a variety of subject matter, from the dunes, which look as if you are at the ocean, to the Blue Hills in the south and Rocky Cliffs in the west. The subject matter is endless.”

More than a decade ago, Mary Ann Davis began painting with the Indiana Plein Air Painters. After a short time, she was hooked on plein air, painting on location, and also began doing studio work, both of which she has continued.

Mary Ann’s goal as an artist is to share her view of the world, and she uses Impressionistic elements, color, movement, and vitality in her paintings to convey to others how she sees a scene and the colors she sees within it. Although Indiana has a storied history of plein air painting, Mary Ann creates her artwork in a distinctive way. “I have my own style of laying down the paint or pastel stroke, combined with my palette of color,” she says.

After earning a BFA in lithography from Herron School of Art, Mary Ann studied painting under Antonious Raemaekers, Lois Griffel and Carolyn Anderson. She also has worked as a graphic designer since 1978 and founded Davis Graphic Design in 1991. Her artwork has won regional and national awards and is displayed in several galleries throughout the country. She also is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society.

Several other Indiana Artisans told Mary Annhow worthwhile the Artisan program was to their careers, prompting her to apply as well. “I am honored to be chosen as an Indiana Artisan,” she says. “The Artisan group is made up of some of Indiana’s finest artists.”