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Lisa Hopkins

“Often customers will write to tell me what a piece means to them or how, in some small way, it helped them through a difficult time. It is such a pleasure to create jewelry that inspires others; they, in turn, inspire me. I am touched by the stories they share with me and the meaning and symbolism they find in my work.”

Lisa Hopkins loves letters and words, a passion that later embraced a degree in English Language and Literature followed by 12 years of studying calligraphy which led her to experiment with etching calligraphy into metal. Once she began, she was intrigued by the art of metalsmithing and continued designing and creating etched sterling silver jewelry. She has been working professionally in the craft since 2008.

Several years before beginning her metalwork, Lisa found herself searching for a meaningful piece of jewelry that could encourage and inspire her in the midst of difficulty. Now she creates the type of jewelry that she sought during that period. “Each piece of my jewelry is inspired by images, words or themes that have touched me in some way,” she says. She often draws from images, and themes of nature and the rich, natural beauty of her Indiana surroundings give her plenty of material to work with.

Lisa is primarily self-taught but uses books and instructional videos to improve and expand her skill set. “I begin each piece with materials such as sterling silver sheet, wire and chain, which I transform into jewelry using traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools such as my jeweler’s hand saw, files, hammers, pliers, mandrels, dapping tools, flexshaft and acetylene/atmospheric torch,” she says. “As a calligrapher, I enjoy creating all of the hand lettering for my pieces without using stamps or computer fonts.” Each piece is unique and crafted one at a time.

Lisa’s work has been featured in publications such as Midwest Living Magazine, Birds and Blooms Magazine, and Letter Arts Review. Her creations have been purchased and loved by people in all 50 states and in over 30 countries. “Having a worldwide audience, thanks to the Internet, is an amazing thing,” she says. “I marvel at how far my creations have traveled but I do look forward to sharing my work with more people closer to home. Indiana Artisan provides a wonderful opportunity to make these connections. It is truly an honor to have my work recognized in this way.”