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Fiber Art - Woven, Functional Clothing
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Linda Adamson

“To be recognized by a group of peers as an artist is a very rewarding accomplishment. It encourages me to keep challenging myself to create new items, to keep my standards high and to mentor other weavers.”

Thirty years ago, Linda Adamson took her sewing skills to the next level when she wanted to create original fabrics. She found a weaving teacher in Bloomington and has been honing her craft, with exceptional results, ever since.

“Weaving is such a creative medium,” Linda says. “There are so many different weave structures and so many different ways to weave them. Add to that the different fibers you can work with and it becomes an endless adventure. You never can learn it all, and since gaining knowledge is my hot spot, I can go on forever learning through this medium.”

Linda makes original fabrics by using multiple weave structures in one piece. She also makes each piece unique from all the others she creates. She dyes some of her own yarns and involves many types of fibers. By being an original fiber artist, she demonstrates that weaving truly is an art, not just a craft. She intends to discover how many artistic pieces she can produce and share in her lifetime.

With her work as part of Indiana Artisan, Linda intends to leverage the program for advice on marketing and general business practices. She is excited to network with other Hoosier artists as they help each other expand their expertise and niches in their respective art fields. Linda began her craft in Indiana and says she “feels her creative soul belongs here.”