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Laurie Balla

“I really enjoy being an artist, the people I meet and the feedback I get from the public. With this program, I have a good feeling about how my career is going to progress. “

Laurie Balla has a natural inclination to create. She first began painting 14 years ago with oils before she turned to watercolor for its beauty and freedom.

“With watercolors, the paint flows onto paper much in the same way water flows over rocks,” Laurie says. “Its unpredictability guides me in a different direction with each stroke of the brush.”

Laurie has been a full-time artist for the last five years, always striving for ways to capture the rich, natural beauty of rural Indiana in her work. Regardless of her medium, Laurie enjoys bringing the details of a scene out on canvas, especially flowers. She also does architectural paintings and portrait work on commission.

Laurie says Indiana Artisan, coupled with organizations like Hoosier Salon, is that big boost her career needs. “They have their own plans on how to promote artists, which should help me expand my business quite a bit.”

While Laurie’s goals include growing the business, her primary reason for painting is to give everyone the chance to have art in their homes. That’s why she keeps her prices affordable.

“I have the Van Gogh mindset,” Laurie explains. “He offered his paintings at 25 cents so everyone can have art. I don’t like to exclude anyone. Some of my collectors say every time they walk by my paintings, it makes them happy. That is more rewarding than money.”