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Kyle Spears

“My camera allows me to look at things closely; light becomes my language. It is a wonderful tool with which to explore the world, to meet people and come to understand another culture.”

Kyle Spears initially fell in love with photography for the magic of the process.

“Nothing can compare with the anticipation of capturing an image, and then going into the darkroom and seeing the image come to life in the developer,” Kyle says. While he still works in the darkroom, Kyle has developed a similar fascination for the process of digital photography.

He shoots black and white images with medium format film cameras, processing the film with custom developers and printing on archival paper. His color photographs are done primarily in digital format.
While he likes the flexibility and immediacy of the digital camera for color photography, Kyle says shooting in black and white film allows him to better explore the transformational power of light in an image. “Light is the transforming element that breathes life into an image, gives it power, grace, beauty, mystery, emotional force.”

As Kyle travels, most recently to Las Vegas and St. Louis, he is drawn to gritty details, nightscapes and architecture as a framing device to present the visual harmony between people and their environment. At 27, Kyle is still exploring themes and defining his unique photographic style.

“I want my work to express a feeling, invoke a thought and engage the viewer in the spirit of the image,” Kyle says. “A good photograph provides an opportunity for reflection, both for the viewer and for me.”