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Fine art photography
Kendal Miller

“My work is how I perceive a certain scene or landscape, which is controlled by elements that are out of my control. How I determine to exhibit them – either as a natural photograph or one that is manipulated in Photoshop – is my vision of how I would like to see an image conveyed to a viewer.”

Kendal Miller was fascinated by photography when she worked on her high school newspaper. But it was a little leftover film that exposed her to a career that has led to gallery shows in four states, a diverse portfolio of fine art photography and numerous awards.

As a needlework designer, she photographed her projects to send to craft and needlework publications but often had film left on the roll. Kendal would use it to shoot what has become a hallmark of her work: scenic and landscape photos.

“Friends saw what I was doing and suggested I enter photography contests – which I began winning,” she said. “Before long I was doing freelance work for individuals, companies, nonprofits, and writing/photographing for newspapers.”

Kendal has been a serious photographer since 1992. In addition to landscapes, her collection includes portraits, event photos, commercial assignments and travel images. Her work often features floral, barns, wildlife, sunsets, covered bridges and landmarks. The Ohio County artisan also enjoys documenting history through her lens.

“My photography is inspired by beauty, whether it is something that I see in the scenic outdoors or in the various people that I encounter,” she said. “I love looking at the way the light or shadows fall on a subject, or to see a reflection or pattern emerging when studied beyond the usual glance. Being able to take an object or scene that normally wouldn’t garner a second look and find a unique perspective or mood to capture intrigues me.”

Her work is shown in galleries and art festivals in Indiana, Florida, Ohio and Kentucky. Photos by this self-described “artist with disabilities” have appeared in magazines, newspapers, books and on CD covers, T-shirts, throws, billboards, and ArtWORK Indiana and other websites. Her numerous awards include first place in the National Federation of Press Women’s 2011 Communication Contest; the Eleanor Ross Kleomhenz Scholarship from the Woman’s Press Club of Indiana; and a 2010 stipend for studio space made possible by the Historic Downtown Rising Sun Program, the Rising Sun Redevelopment Commission and the Rising Sun Regional Foundation.

“To have my work included in Indiana Artisan is a thrill,” said Kendal. “Knowing that there were acceptance guidelines, I realized that the artwork that would be selected to represent the state would have to be of high quality.”