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Landscape, Nature and Architectural Photography
Debbie Goodin

“I am often told by those who view my images that they feel as if they are at each location and have the impression of being able to walk right into the scene.”

Manual photography of the highest quality requires planning, and Debbie Goodin is a planner. She says, “I believe it is not what you see, but how you see it. I love the challenge involved with taking the ordinary scene and making it something extraordinary, and I enjoy showing people the world as seen through my eyes. I am often told by those who view my images that they feel as if they are at each location and have the impression of being able to walk right into the scene.”

Debbie shoots almost exclusively with full manual settings in a RAW file format, requiring each image to be post-processed individually in the computer. By visiting a location numerous times, she is able to plan proper time of day and year, weather conditions and decide what elements would be best for the image she intends to create.

“Unlike other art forms, I am limited to the lighting and elements. By careful research and planning before visiting a location, I am able to gain some control. For the most part, I have to hope that the planets align at my chosen shooting time to get the result I am looking for. As more of a traditionalist when it comes to my photography, I would rather return to a location again if necessary, to recreate the image I envisioned, than use a computer to change the picture or add additional elements.”

Debbie always has loved the outdoors and capturing Nature’s beauty in a photograph. As a young girl she was fascinated by her father’s photography, and dreamed of owning a photography business. Having faced challenges as a military spouse and mother of three children, she chose to place her dream on hold while raising her family. For more than 15 years, she enjoyed photography as a hobby, and in 2011 she made her long-time dream a reality through her business, Sarenity Photo.

In keeping with her business name (spelled with an “a” after her middle name Sarene), Debbie seeks out serenity in the world and enjoys bringing the fleeting moments into others’ lives through her art. She says, “Since I have had many tranquil moments behind the camera, Sarenity seemed the perfect choice for my business name.”

As a native Hoosier, Debbie applied to Indiana Artisan because, “I was looking for verification of my abilities from unbiased professionals and wanted the backing of the Indiana Artisan brand and recognition from the State to help validate my work. I also saw this organization as an avenue for education and growth opportunities for myself and my business, as well as offering an additional support network and assistance with promoting my work to a broader audience.”

Debbie says, “It is truly humbling to have my work chosen to carry the Indiana Artisan brand. I feel it is a testament to all of the planning, hard work and effort I have put into my craft, and it encourages me to work even harder toward my goals.”