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Cynthia Blasingham

“I want to make Indiana Artisan a household word. My body of work on our Indiana Wetlands and landscapes provides one link to our Hoosier heritage.”

While Cynthia Blasingham has been interested in art since before kindergarten, she also “loves” the biological sciences, earning degrees in zoology and physiology. These passions, combined with her childhood memories of being outdoors, have blended to create life art, with a focus on natural subjects.

“I used to go with my parents and older sister to the State Parks to hike in the woods, ravines, and around the lakes and wetlands,” Cynthia says. My special memory is sitting quietly next to my father on the old wooden docks reaching out into the wetlands.”

These memories provided Cynthia with her artistic inspiration, particularly for the delicate and intimate imagery of her collection, “New Prints of Indiana Landscapes: The Wetlands.” The ever-changing exhibit includes peaceful landscapes, still-water scenes, and shadowy designs of water lilies, peeling Birch bark and fluffy cattails, all reflecting Cynthia’s connection to the wetlands. She has exhibited it across the state, and individual prints have been shown in more than 40 exhibits and have been accepted into juried shows since 2003.

Her body of work also includes monotypes, handmade paper, watercolor batik and etchings. For the past 12 years, she has been creating thick, textural paper with uneven, random edges. She alternatively applies a watercolor batik using a hot wax method, or uses the handmade paper as a substrate for a hand-pulled print.

Cynthia describes an Indiana artist as one who derives inspiration from the heritage, landscape, or history of Indiana. “I would like to think that artists are similar regardless of geography. The feelings and meanings expressed in the artwork can well be universal, regardless of the specific inspiration.”