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Cindy Cwi

“The saying that practice makes perfect is not entirely true. Only perfect practice makes perfect and that is especially true with turning.”

Cindy Cwi’s work, showcasing the natural beauty and diversity of wood, is inspired by years of practice, by ongoing study and by the beauty of a natural-edge wood bowl she purchased at an art fair several years ago.

The bowl intrigued her so much she enrolled in a woodworking class at the Indianapolis Art Center, and there she became intrigued by the wood lathe. “I remembered the beautiful bowl that I still prominently display in my home,” she said, “and I decided to give turning a try. I was hooked.”

Cindy did not find turning easy to learn. “The saying that practice makes perfect is not entirely true,” she said. “Only perfect practice makes perfect, and that is especially true with turning. Otherwise all one does is repeat the same poor techniques.” Cindy sought instruction and has studied with turning masters who teach at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Franklin, Ind. “The vision I have obtained in design, as well as continued improvement in technique, have come from world-class turners. It has been inspirational and formative,” she said.

Design is integral to all of Cindy’s work. It emphasizes clean graceful lines and curves that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch. She creates functional pieces – pendants, candle holders, salt shakers and peppermills, ULU cutting boards, ikebana arrangers, and pens – as well as sculptural work, such as carved hollow vessels, spheres, natural edge bowls, and whimsical nests with eggs. “I appreciate the natural beauty of wood and design my pieces to showcase that beauty,” she says.

Asked how being a Hoosier impacts her work, Cindy said, “Indiana residents embrace Midwest values and appreciate beauty along with practicality. Many of my items are functional for the home yet beautiful to the eye and to the touch.”

About applying to Indiana Artisan, Cindy said, “I was impressed by the quality and diversity of the art exhibited at the Indiana Artisan Spring Marketplace, and I knew I wanted to be part of this. As I progressed in my skills and found my voice in my craft, I set a goal to be named an Indiana Artisan. I am so pleased that a group so supportive of artists in Indiana exists, and I want to help support the group, as well as enjoy the group as a place to network and gain opportunities to share my work with the public. I am thrilled for my artistic talents to be recognized and to be included with other such talented artists.”