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Indiana Artisan Cheri Platter
Jewelry and wearable art from precious metal clay
Cheri Platter

“I believe in the value of the general public visiting studios to see how Indiana’s artists still live and work in traditional ways.”

After working as a porcelain and stoneware potter for 30 years, Cheri Platter grew tired of lifting 50-pound bags of clay. She turned her attention to a medium of a smaller scale: precious metal clay, or PMC.  After taking a class, she began working fervently in silver and bronze PMC.

Cheri’s love of nature pervades her sculpted creations. Her pottery often was painted with floral designs. Now she takes leaves and presses them into the soft clay or captures flowing designs from nature with her pencil and transfers them into the raw material. In this way, her love of her Brown County home is reflected as well. She lives in a log cabin nestled between two hills where life is simple, and she enjoys it immensely.

Besides the beauty of Indiana, Cheri is inspired by the craft itself. “Like the process of pottery, there is always something different to be made, new glazes to try and tools to use,” Cheri says. “The process of precious metal clay is very similar and some methods are exactly the same but in a smaller scale. This alone could inspire me.” Cheri’s clay takes the form of silver and bronze jewelry assembled with semi-precious stones into wearable art.

When Cheri is not creating, she teaches her craft to others and is executive director of the Brown County Studio Tour. Cheri applied to Indiana Artisan because she likes the direction the organization is going, and she is very happy to be accepted. “I feel the website and shows that Indiana Artisan is promoting will be beneficial to our art society and are long overdue in this state,” she says.