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Carolyn and Don Madvig

“We are very comfortable in Indiana and feel blessed to live here. It is a state that embraces artists and their work.”

Carolyn and Don Madvig are a husband-and-wife team that has been creating exceptional greeting cards for more than 10 years. Don is a trained artist with a B.F.A. from the University of Illinois, and Carolyn was born into a family of artists. When the two decided to work in the arts together, Sleeping Dogs Studio was born.

The couple began making cards they liked. When they showed their work to stores and individuals, they quickly learned it was distinct from what other card companies or artisans were creating. The uniqueness comes from their use of materials and their eye for design. Embellishments include buttons, wire, beads, and vintage materials, and the beauty of Indiana helps inspire their designs.

“Every piece is one-of-a-kind,” Carolyn says. “It is a constant challenge and delight to find new ways of looking at paper and mixed media embellishments to create a card that is distinct, beautiful and continues to have that ‘Sleeping Dogs Studio’ look.

Since launching their business, Carolyn and Don feel blessed to be able to do what they love, find “good homes” for their work and meet many wonderful people, including artists, gallery owners and customers.

The Madvigs hope Indiana Artisan will introduce them to other artists, provide greater marketing options and allow them to be a part of something even more impactful than their own studio. They are proud and humbled to have been chosen as Indiana Artisans. “Given that we do our work because we have to create doesn’t mean that a special honor like this one is not very greatly appreciated,” Carolyn says.