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Carol Burt

“Indiana Artisan is a great network to promote handmade, quality goods. I hope people get a new definition of Indiana art through this program.”

Elementary school art teacher Carol Burt began painting 20 years ago as a graduate student at Ball State University. She started working in clay nine years ago, and says she was hooked the first time she sat at a potter’s wheel.

Carol enjoys the combination of pottery and painting. She puts her painting skills to good use in the 3-D surface decoration she designs for her functional ware. She expects to create even more work now that she has installed a gas reduction kiln on her farm in Muncie.

“The kiln has given me a whole lot of freedom. I don’t have to rely on someone else to fire my work,” Carol says.

She throws mugs and other functional pottery as well as more artistic clay forms. Carol also enjoys experimenting with sets, creating the same form but in different weights of clay.

Carol’s love for pottery influences her teaching career as well. She sponsors the pottery club for fifth grade students at Sutton Elementary who want to learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel.

“The kids think it is magic,” Carol says. “They don’t understand what they can do but when they sit down they think it is amazing. They end up with something they can eat and drink out of.”

Right now, Carol’s work is only available in a few galleries. She hopes that the Indiana Artisan program will help her connect with other venues to display her work. “It feels so good to be around people who have the same interests.”