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Cappi Phillips

“Many don’t realize the impact that artists and their art can have on a community. I hope Indiana Artisan will bring art to the forefront of these Hoosier communities.”

Cappi Phillips is the owner and designer at “Moe’s Ache Studio” in Bloomington. Say the studio name out loud and you get a sense of the humor that Cappi adds to her mosaic work.

While Cappi has an appreciation for traditional mosaic, most of her works are mixed media. She uses glass, tile, clay, broken china, even recycled materials to create whimsical, one-of-a-kind works. She also works on large-scale commissions including a recent wall mosaic that took six months to complete.

“In the beginning, I didn’t use recyclables. It started with friends giving me family pieces of china that were broken. The more items I collected, the more I got,” explains Cappi.

Today Cappi considers her art as another tool in the renewable, green movement. She challenges herself to re-use materials to show others what can be done with what typically is considered trash. The result is public and commercial artwork that evokes a smile while also being a vehicle for positive social change.

While Cappi does the design and layout for her pieces, her husband Bud is responsible for the grouting, cleaning and sealing work. Her eclectic materials often require him to be more inventive in applying the materials. Traditional grout methods don’t always work as an adhesive.

As for the reason behind joining the Indiana Artisan program, Cappi says she is interested in anything that promotes the whole idea of the arts, especially the community of Indiana artists.