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Amy Greely

“I view jewelry as super small works of art. Each piece is a tiny sculpture that helps communicate personal sensibilities to the wearer.”

Amy Greely has been working with metal for more than 20 years. Finding the perfect creative outlet for her art eluded her until a chance encounter with another Nashville artist led her to pursue metal work on a smaller scale.

With the additional help of the metalsmithing department at Indiana University, Amy launched the Mon Amie Design line of lightweight, affordable jewelry. Amy’s jewelry collection continues to grow and evolve incorporating heavy textures, rich patinas and an assortment of semi-precious embellishments.

“I work in sterling silver, copper and brass, and add gemstones or freshwater pearls for additional interest,” Amy explains. Once you start adding colors and textures, it really pops. There are so many variations.”

The resulting jewelry is simple in form, but distinctive. In addition to the Mon Amie line, Amy has an eponymous line of larger, upscale pieces that incorporate a variety of embellishments. Both lines are represented by a growing number of respected galleries and stores nationwide.

Despite her wholesale success, Amy is excited about the additional marketing opportunities in her home state as a result of Indiana Artisan.

“It is really great the State of Indiana is recognizing its own natural resource in the artists that are here.” What really interests her in the program, however, is the opportunity to meet other artists in her craft and increase her own level of professionalism.